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Gulf States International is committed to creating products that are safer, more sustainable, and pleasure to use. This simply means that we are driven to develop the very best in personal care, commercial and industrial products that are better for you, your company and the environment around you. Here are just a few of these innovations.

Here at Gulf States International our services will far surpass your expectations. Our products are manufactured in a safe and cGMP environment. Our constant quest for product excellence in the market has resulted in our company standing as a benchmark in manufacturing innovative chemistries. While we are small enough to be responsive and comply with your specifications in product development, we are large enough to meet the tailored needs of our clients in this competitive market.

Water-based Lubricants & Other Industrial Products

Continuously, since 2008, at a time when UPS need to solve a problem with their conveyor system, they came to Gulf States for a more sustainable solution.

Before, boxes on conveyor belts would drag and snag on the belt, causing damage, lost productivity and an increased potential for accidents.

To answer the call, GSI developed Poly Guard 250, a water-based coating and lubricant that seasoned the belts, improved the way boxes would slide and reduced time. Click HERE for brochure.

Organically Sourced Hand Sanitizers

Whenever possible, we will select and source ingredients for the lines and products that are organically produced, like this line of hand sanitizers from Brittanie's Thyme.

These particular hand care products contain both organic essential oils and FDA approved alcohols produced from organically-grown sugar cane.

Olive Oil Based Hand Care Products

Gulf States International was fully invested in the development of this line of hand care products from Brittanie's Thyme.

These products were ranked #1 in total value by 'Don't Waste Your Money' for their ability to heal the dry and chapped hands common to northern climates and for those who must wash their hands repeatedly during the day.

75 Years of Innovation

 Our capabilities include formulations for All-Purpose Cleaners, Odor Control, Air Care, Spot & Stain Removers, Oxy Cleaners, Tub & Tile Cleaners, Daily Shower Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner w/Bleach, Car Wash, Automotive Cleaners, Degreasers, Window Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Hand Soap, Bubble Bath, Dish Detergent, Rinse Aids, Laundry Detergent, Food Service, Industrial and Jan/San products. Technology and innovation, paired with our expert technicians, provide all of the tools you need to achieve better performance, a lower cost or a greener profile.

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To enhance your line of private branded products, Gulf States International is able to provide:

  • Contracted manufacturing,
  • Blending (liquid and solid), and
  • Packaging.


Synthesis -

  • Esterification (PEG esters, sorbitan esters, TMP esters, polymeric esters)
  • Amidization (fatty acids, imidazolines)
  • Quarternization (ester quats, diethyl sulfate quats)
  • Emulsification (oil/water and water/oil emulsions)
  • Phosphorylation (phosphate esters)
  • Carbonylation (liquid alkaline carbonates)

Packaging - F-style Jug, Trigger sprayer, bottles, Pails, Drums, Totes, Super sacks, Bulk Tankers

Liquid Processing and Blending - Detergents and Degreasers, Emulsions, Optical brighteners, Lubricant additives, Defoamers, Softeners, Paper coatings, Petroleum additives, Transportation cleaners, Agricultural surfactants.