Here at Gulf Sates International, we offer assistance at every stage of product development, including formulation assistance, performance testing, packaging advice, and benchmarking service. If you are looking to achieve a greener profile, better performance or lower cost without sacrificing quality or performance, Gulf States International is here to work with you.

What GSI Offers

GSI helps retailers and wholesalers market better products. Whether you want to achieve better performance, a lower cost or a greener profile, we have the tools you need.

Gulf States International helps retailers and wholesalers market better products.

Formulation Assistance

Full Service laboratories and chemists on staff provide customers with expert advice and assistance. Advanced technology coupled with our expert staff allows us to respond to all industry needs.

Packaging Advice

Our flexible packaging manufacturing solutions and in-house molding capabilities will ensure that your products' packaging is top quality, fast, and low cost.

We use advanced technology to provide innovative solutions.

We are here to help ensure your product develop success.

Performance Testing

Our technicians verify product quality before it is sent out for third party testing.

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To enhance your line of private branded products, Gulf States International is able to provide:

  • Contracted manufacturing,
  • Blending (liquid and solid), and
  • Packaging.


Synthesis -

  • Esterification (PEG esters, sorbitan esters, TMP esters, polymeric esters)
  • Amidization (fatty acids, imidazolines)
  • Quarternization (ester quats, diethyl sulfate quats)
  • Emulsification (oil/water and water/oil emulsions)
  • Phosphorylation (phosphate esters)
  • Carbonylation (liquid alkaline carbonates)

Packaging - F-style Jug, Trigger sprayer, bottles, Pails, Drums, Totes, Super sacks, Bulk Tankers

Liquid Processing and Blending - Detergents and Degreasers, Emulsions, Optical brighteners, Lubricant additives, Defoamers, Softeners, Paper coatings, Petroleum additives, Transportation cleaners, Agricultural surfactants.